Instagram is one of the hottest social media sites being used today. Although it is a popular site for millennials, people of all ages use the platform. Businesses particularly enjoy the site and the ease of reaching their audiences. If you’re an entertainer or a business owner who wants great things to happen for their business, or an everyday Joe who wants to attain social media fame, put the 8 proven techniques here to use to get more Instagram followers. Anyone can use these tips and thrive on IG.

  1. Connect your Instagram and Facebook account. Once the accounts are connected, you need to make only one-click to share content between the sites. When you start sharing photos on Facebook, more people will want to follow you on Instagram!
  2. Don’t share the same photos and content that everyone else has shared. The more original, engaging content on your page, the easier it is to attract attention your way. Give your audience something exciting and provide a reason to come check out your page.
  3. Cross promote your content on other social media platforms and ask for followers. If you ask, they’ll come. Use any site that you choose, particularly YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google +.
  4. Engage with your audience as often as you possibly can. When you show the person behind the brand, it helps your name gather the attention that it deserves. Plus, engaging with the audience provides the fun that you want and need when using social media.
  5. Get more Instagram followers when you buy them from a company. I love to buy followers because it is a low cost marketing technique that has such great results. Choose real follower and avoid any company selling bot-generated followers because they can put your account at-risk.
  6. Hashtags are your friend. Use them in every photo or video you upload to the site. Create hashtags that pertain to the upload, that are trending or popular, and that you’ve created for the brand.
  7. Participate on other users accounts when you’re on Insta and the conversation can really get going. Comment on their photos, spark conversation, etc. If there are influences that you fancy, it is always beneficial to get in good with these top-notch social media names.
  8. Have fun on your account. Hold contests, post content that poses questions, and let your personality shine. There are more than 300 million people using IG. It is important to set yourself apart from the others and give people a reason to follow your account.

Instagram has been a favorite social media site for many years now. It is a place to be if you want to get all eyes pointed in your direction. Businesses of all sizes can use the platform to kick start their name, and so can people who want to be known for other reasons. Don’t let the potential that comes from IG pass you by and use this information to your advantage.

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