Once you’ve made your Instagram followers order and have the numbers on your account high, it is time to start heavily marketing to your audience to create the buzz around your name that you want and deserve. Many people launch products on social media sites and you should be among the crowd. With over 300 million people using IG each day, there is potential to reach many people who’re interested in what you offer. But, if you plan on using social media to launch your brand, there are a few tips that you must keep in mind to ensure success. This is not a simple endeavor when there is so much competition out there but one that you can succeed with when the right techniques are put to use.

Use Hashtags

Create a unique product hashtag for the launch. Once you’ve created an interest in the product this hashtag will help people gather more information as desired. Be sure to use other appropriate hashtags on your IG posts as well. The more hashtags, the more people who will have the opportunity to see what you offer to the world. Statics show that photos and content shared on IG with 15+ hashtags get the most response.

Cross Promote

Use all of the social media channels available to spread the word about your new product that is soon to come. Tons of sites are out there to use to your advantage so make sure you do just that, whether it is Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or another site. You may want to create specific pages or photos and banners for the product to generate even more interest and to get noticed the way that you want your audience to notice your brand.

Create a Teaser Video/Campaign

A teaser video and campaign can help you generate a ton of interest in your product or service. The video need to be only 15-seconds long (the max for IG) so they’re easy to make and share on all of the platforms that you use. These videos are sure to put the intrigue in the mind of your audience that does great things for your brand.

Regular Updates

Out of sight, out of mind. When it is time to launch a product, make sure that it stays fresh in the minds of your audience. It is easy to give customers regular updates and post sneak peaks at the product that you’re launching. When the anticipation is bursting at the seams, your product will do wonderfully if you keep the item fresh in the mind of your audience.

Final Thoughts

If you’re ready to use social media to help you launch a product, don’t rush to launch and forget the many important steps and tips that you need to use to ensure success. Put the information here to work for your brand and your product launch will be a true success. Could you ask for anything more?

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